Self Propelled Surfboard
(Patent Pending)

As a lifelong hobbyist and recreational surfer, I have been very enthusiastic about merging these two passions together to create a one-of-a-kind product. After years of research and development, I have recently completed the first operational prototype of my patent-pending, self-propelled surf board. My hope is that the board will emerge as an invaluable tool for manned - or unmanned - search and rescue, in addition to becoming a favorite device among casual and professional surfers and enthusiasts.





Custom Built Jeep 4x4

My personal treasure, the Jeep, has been a feat of trial-and-error over the years, customizing every detail to greater improvement in versatility, horsepower, style and toughness. I was privileged to be featured in Jp Magazine, to have my Jeep considered one of the best customs in the country, and was honored to display my work on the cover of their September 2005 issue, receiving national attention and recognition.